Can be used as a CPD or simply own use – a form of meditation

Mindfulness is a mind-body experience or technique, using meditation, breathing, yoga approaches and elements from CBT to enable us to become more in tune with our thoughts and feelings.  It affects the way the brain works showing increased activity in the pre-frontal cortex which is an area of the brain associated with positive emotion.

 The benefits:

Manage our thoughts better instead of being overwhelmed

  • Help with depression, anxiety, stress, negative habits or addictions, pain tiredness or chronic fatigue syndrome. Insomnia and dis-ease.
  • Helps to boost concentration and focus
  • Gives insights to emotional states
  • There is evidence of less sickness absence and improved productivity in the workplace.
  • More able to tap into areas of the brain that may have previously been dormant.
  • This may increase intelligence and improve life span.
  • Releases layers of old anger, guilt, anxiety, fear, worry
  • Emotional balance and wellbeing.

A Mindfulness Meditation

 Meditation in Colour.

Envisage a beautiful mountain set against a clear sky.  See the undulating valley closer to you; a pathway gently unravelling itself along the mountain side.  Some parts hidden by trees, some parts open and in the sunshine.    This is your pathway and your journey.   It can be as easy and tranquil as you wish; or it can have surprises and challenges.  Allow it to be the way you would like.  You can be any age that you wish and you can take any form; a butterfly or a bird, or a dancer or artist.  Breathe in the wonderful fresh air and as you exhale you realise you are ready to begin.

Suddenly the pathway is beneath you and you can smell the slight moistness of the brown earth and feel the gentle warmth of the sun.  Everything is so effortless and easy as if time does not exist, only this moment in time.  Every blade of grass is sharply defined, every leaf shimmers with its own special vibrance.   There is a calm stillness that captures the peace.   Why is it that everything is brighter and clearer?  Has someone washed the universe and made it new?  As you stand still in time you may even sense your connection to energy itself and allow yourself to flow with it.

The energy is the air and the water, the fire and the earth;  form and matter, thought and sound.  So what is colour?  Colour is everywhere where there is light.  Each colour has its own frequency, it can transform, it can change and  it can heal.

As you stand in the valley on the pathway you can sense the reassurance of the green blanket of grass.  The darker green of the trees ahead.   Soak in the colour and feel the resonance of equilibrium and balance.

Suddenly you are past the trees and as you look back the branches are making a definite and discerning silouette of browns and golds and russett against the clarity of the blue sky.  You may even experience a feeling of certainty within yourself.

As you move higher up the path and look into the valley you glimpse and lake hiding in the hills.   The blue of the sky reflected with more depth into the water with ripples of silver and gold.   The lake is deep with knowledge of blue sending telepathic messages and unlocking  your dreams and aspirations.    The silver of the ripples on the lake taps into your understanding.  You can rest awhile and let your mind drift.

In an instant you are at the top of the mountain.  How did that happen?  Your mind took you there.   Between the slate grey of the rocks are the purples and lilacs of heather symbolically connecting you to that feeling of elevation and link to the universe.   The world is below you and you breath in the feeling of freedom and choice.

In a crevice just waiting for you is a single pink flower.   It is sent with love and truth.

The sun is now setting turning the sky yellow gold, intensifying the elements around you as you bathe in its power.  Yellow stimulates the mind and lets you sense the emotions.   It is positive and stimulating and you feel happy in its glow.

The sky has turn orange with boldness and courage,  the emotions are expressed across the vastness of the horizon.  You can soak up this courage and open the door to your feelings.   It is safe and empowering and supportive too.

At last the sun sets and a red hue fills the earth.  It can be assertive, powerful or self assured.  Undeniably it is strong and life giving.   A sureness of energy to connect to and use for yourself.

It is time to come home from the journey you have had.   Bring with you the treasures of colours to keep.   Remember the mountain its beauty and power.   Remember you too are part of this life and the colours.


Patricia Whitson - Founder And Principal Of Kent College Of Hypnotherapy


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