Want to be a Life coach in a niche market.

Training to be a weight coach is on a weekly basis

Niche Market – How to be a Weight Coach for yourself and for others.

We provide six weekly hour long sessions for you on line. Be your own Weight Coach is a niche market training so that you will be able to develop your skills. Join us and learn to do this. You gain new tools. The new Lifestyle training in being a Weight Coach provides you with handouts, scripts, an opportunity to ask questions and to practise skills. For more information to book please check out the short courses section.

Weekly Training for weight reduction

Each session a new topics is discussed.

Each week our Weight Loss Group will cover a different topic to include advice on balance of proteins and carbohydrate.  In addition, you will learn about changing your mindset with regard to food and cravings.  In addition you will receive A simple Lifestyle Analysis for optimum health. So, discover quick techniques for reducing stress for yourself and your client.; learning about vitamins, minerals and how they can help with your weight loss.  Every session will include some self hypnosis and relaxation.

You will also be able to download or have emailed, scripts for visualisation or hypnotherapy . You learn with others how to personalise some NLP techniques, then practise these and ask the right questions to access this information. On the Weight Loss Group there is time to answer your questions.

Stress and sleep

Find out more about how stress and lack of sleep affect you?

Are you finding it difficult to lose weight. Learn what causes stress and loss of sleep and how changes in activities create this.   Stress for instance will create hormonal changes that can change your mood and cause muddled thinking.  Highs and lows of blood sugar levels cause tiredness and that jittery feeling. This in turn can create cravings. So your body gives you signals that you need to eat more protein. Find out by using kinesiology techniques what minerals you or your client is lacking and so you reduce your weight more effectively.

Food Intolerances

Food Intolerances – what are they. and how they affect your weight.

Kinesiology techniques are discussed so you and your client can understand the difference between an intolerance and an allergy. So please join us.


Patricia Whitson - Founder And Principal Of Kent College Of Hypnotherapy


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