Goal Setting and Law of Attraction

Does your goal fulfil your highest purpose?  If you want to attract something or someone into your life, clarify your intention.  We will be using kinesiology and Law of Attraction.  Thought is creative and we can use the power of the mind to tap into the Law of attraction. Timelines, practical session and handouts.

Often we hold on too tightly to a project or goal when in fact it is better to allow it to evolve and grow in energy.  It is our own anxiety and needs that can block the progress.  Success is not about getting something but about serving something.

Goal Setting and Law of Attraction -is part of our Life Coaching Training.

·        Looking at success differently.

·        It is not about your own success.

·        Nurture your project because you believe in your project.

·        Success is linked to helping others become successful as well as you.

The discussion on this highlighted that often we hold on too tightly to the project/goal when actually we need to allow it to be given energy and evolve.  Our anxiety and fears can block the progress.

It is important that you are clear about our purpose in having this goal and whether it comes from our values.  This includes our higher purpose or more spiritual purpose.

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