A visualisation and meditations for letting go of old resentments

The Beach and your footsteps. 

Simply be in this moment in time and begin to relax every muscle from the top of your head to the tips of your toes in your own time and in your own way. Let your mind become a little quieter and simply experience the peaceful energy around you.

Become aware of your breathing and follow your breath with your mind. As you breathe out, so release any tension in your body and on the in breath allow it to be easy, calm and deep.

Breathe in this clear wonderful free air and it may be possible that you are able to feel a connection with nature and natural energy around you and a feeling of peace within you.

If you listen carefully, you may be aware of the amazing sounds around you in more detail. Feel the air on your face and notice the light around you even though you may have your eyes closed. Feel yourself rested and supported as you go into a guided meditation:

Take yourself in your mind to a beautiful cabin or beach house where you can be with nature and the sea. You can see the ocean from the window and the sun sparkling on the tops of the waves. You may be able to hear waves and smell the sea.

Push the door wide open to breathe in the clear air and absorb the turquoise of the ocean and blue of the sky. A small private pathway leads onto the soft sand and then to the shoreline where the spray of the waves dance in the sunlight. It is time for healing. It is the right time to release all the resentments into the ocean of forgiveness forever. You may imagine any negative thoughts as words or images or uncomfortable feelings as colours and you might sense them lifting away from you and that they are getting smaller and smaller as they drift into the distance.

So, take a few steps down the path and breathe in the clean free air and breathe out the restrictions, the old pain and negative thoughts as images and colours. Let them go into the air, across the water and into the distance. Let the waves wash it, let the air cleanse it and let the energy of the Ocean transform this into new positive energy.

The sun is warm and nurturing against your skin. Feel your feet cool on the soft wet sand leaving footprints – just your footprints. They are unique. Everyone has different footprints. They tread a different path in the same way as every person is unique. Just watch the ocean. Know that all things are connected. As you step further, the sea washes the footprints away cleansing the beach for the new day.

Every moment is a new opportunity. Every step is a new step. Use this as a perfect time to enjoy everything life has to offer.

Pat Whitson.

Patricia Whitson - Founder And Principal Of Kent College Of Hypnotherapy


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