Co-dependency / Narcissism Workshop



Your Tutor is Victoria: Do you have clients who are very empathic, often highly sensitive and struggle with boundaries?

Do you find they look after others and focus on others much more than they do themselves?

Do you find they struggle to hear their own needs or even understand their needs?

That they are perfectionists, very critical of themselves and struggle to relax?

That they have ended up in controlling, narcisstic and/or toxic relationships or friendships?

Does your client suffer with chronic pain, like Fibromyalgia?

Have they suffered childhood trauma?
Then your client may be a co-dependent.
Would you like to understand more where co-dependency comes from, and learn ways of helping your clients through this? Both in sessions and with home activities?

Would you like to help them begin to take back control of their life, their power, identify and own who they are at the deepest level, so they can move forwards in life more with clarity, conviction, assertiveness, confidence and begin to remove all the limitations or things that aren’t serving them in their life?

Then this workshop is for you.


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