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Enroll in our training program and embark on a journey of self-exploration and discovery of past lives. Learn effective methods and techniques to access ancient knowledge and memories, including gaining insights into the purpose of your current life.

Our comprehensive training covers the impact of past lives, parallel lives, and future lives on your choices and decisions. You will also gain a deeper understanding of Akashic Records, Karmic Contracts, Ancestral Healing, Time Portals, and Higher Realms.

Identify the energetic blocks and patterns that limit your clients’ potential and acquire the skills to heal and free them from their past hurts and limitations. Our program also teaches you how to safely guide your clients into hypnotic and trance states to explore their past lives.

By leveraging your unique gifts, you can help others heal and grow, and our program provides practical applications and support to help you on your journey.

Our Past-Life Regression training is not only an excellent continuing professional development (CPD) opportunity, but it can also be a valuable addition to your toolbox. For a more detailed syllabus, we can provide you with information on the content covered each day and expected outcomes.

If you’re a hypnotherapist, your first session of our training program may review information you already know. As a thank you for your dedication, we offer a 10% discount on the program fee. To claim the discount, please contact us directly for your discount code.



4 weekends 10.00 - 12.00




To begin with we look at Hypnosis; the science and the history behind it. Then the Ancestral DNA Healing covering Past Life, or Ancestral embedded damage within DNA that is passed down through incarnations and our accumulated memories. Each person is unique and has a Divine blueprint and we look at how we are able to self- love and self- heal. The following part covers brain sleep and trance states, aiding, recalling/accessing memories and how powerful the mind is – what we feel and think governs the Universe. The penultimate part looks at the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the trance states within hypnotherapy. The final ending to this module includes a White Light meditation that is suggested for all practitioners and then to pass on to clients for daily protection and healing.

The session provides information on past life regression or recall techniques and methods and choosing the appropriate process suitable for your client.  We will discuss how to work with emotional and underlying memories together with a practical session using a light trance method.  Overview of access to resources, talents, beliefs, healing with script and suggested questions. How to interact with your client and work with protection.  Addressing  emotional reactions to retrieved memories. Use of various Ideo Motor Responses as a means of communication when your client is in trance state.  Creating a safe place. 

Practise and learn techniques of travelling forward and back in lifetimes.  Looking at purpose of that lifetime. How to heal at soul level the past change old patterns so they are not carried through to other lifetimes, complete unfinished business and foregiveness. This session covers various beliefs such as previous lifetimes, karma,  instant recall and flashes, knowledge of places, languages, skills, astrological links, people you recognise. 

A source of knowledge and unconditional love. Provides answers to life questions, including your purpose in this incarnation. Be able to discover uplifting joy, along with ways to help you find the most loving and compassionate guidance to deal with any of life’s challenges. The Akashic Records provide an additional way of healing  – the manifestation through our thoughts and feelings guide the universe.
Identifying and understanding energetic blocks and patterns.
Between lives, future lives, parallel lives. How the choices we made in the past affect the present and future. Can we change the future?  Your Ancestral Time Line and  how you can clear the past and future.  What choices do you make for future lives.  Time Lines and how that may impact on your future.  Do you have a part of you that relates to a past life?  What is time.? Collective consciousness?

Before Earth supported Life for humans. Animal souls and before. Free floating spirit. The Source and other dimensions.  Everything has consciousness Questions and discussion, How to conduct a session.

One of the mysteries of our time are the amazing forward- thinking individuals, who are credited with genius and foresight of future inventions or creations, way ahead of their time. How did they access such insight? Where did they get the ideas and such detail to be able to put inventions and scientific theories into fruition? There are examples of evidence that they may have used spiritual, or trance states, to access realms that helped their subconscious minds to access records and ethereal abilities/creations otherwise unattainable. Einstein for instance was known to refer to his meditation/ thinking process.


Practice and Revision and preparation.  Looking more at the spiritual approach to healing your past and working with your client. and taking information.  The way forward. Additional sessions you may like  to enhance your knowledge.  Opportunity to join some free sessions.


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