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An opportunity for Advanced Training in Hypnotherapy with specialised subjects is being offered on Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:30 in the year 2023. It is mandatory to have already obtained a Hypnotherapy diploma if seeking Advanced Accreditation in Hypnotherapy. However, if the training is being taken for self-development purposes, a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) will be provided.

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Advanced Training in Hypnotherapy & Specialised Subjects


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COURSE SYLLABUS FOR Advanced Training in Hypnotherapy


Your trainer is Jo Matthews and she will be covering how the body responds to stress and the immune system from a biological perspective which will give your more understanding of how to work with your client and personalise you approach.

We will cover the type of issues that clients may present with and guidance on how to provide interventions and tools.  Also included are relationships via social media and Parasocial relationships.  This does not take the place of Relate or counselling but is helpful practical solutions and insights as to the way forward and retreiving self esteem. Your trainer is Jo Matthews.

Letting go of being stuck in the past Acceptance and forgiveness. Identify your feelings and insights. Improve relationships. Deal with specific problems. Dump the baggage. Reconnect yourself.
Biological Rhythms are processes that show cyclical variations in plants and animals over time, in hours, days or years. These are influences by the Earth’s rotation and are also governed by our ‘body clocks’ (endogenous pacemakers) as well as external environmental stimuli. We will also look at the sleep-wake cycle as part of this module. This is connected to our internal ‘body clock’ and the pineal gland. This will include the various rhythms and cycles and the ways they are disrupted. The functions of sleep and how it changes over human lifespan. Then we will look at insomnia and sleep disorders. We will also look at moon cycles. Your trainer is Jo Matthews.
Tapping the meridians and EFT plus other methods to add to your hypnotherapy tool bag.
A very effective method to treat many issues.

This will also include how children grieve; changing patterns of grief and the symptoms to provide understanding and how to work with your client together with processes and helpful guidance to make sense of grief. There are many different sorts of loss that we experience and we will cover as many as we can.  Scripts and back up notes are provided to enable you to feel confident in using hypnotherapy within this subject. Your trainer is Jo Matthews.

6 sessions planned as a package and  all the information and scripts for these sessions are provided. Also use of NLP and with hypnotherapy  to enable your client to change negative patterns of eating and resolve emotional issues connected with this.  Information is also provided to help your client become their own slimming coach.
EMDR – It stands for: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and is a method or trauma therapy and has been used since the mid 1990. It was developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro in California when she accidentally discovered in 1987 that her voluntary eye movements reduced the intensity of upsetting thoughts.
The focus of EMDR treatment is the resolution of emotional distress arising from difficult childhood experiences, or the recovery from the effects of critical incidents, such as automobile accidents, assault, natural disasters, and combat trauma.
Other problems treated with EMDR


 Traumatic experiences and related outcomes e.g.:
 Post-traumatic stress disorder (e.g. from an accident, sexual assault, death of a loved one, separation, loss of employment, retirement, bullying)
 Fear and panic attacks
 Phobias
 Sleeping disorders
 Addiction
 Pain syndromes
 Allergies
 Psychosomatic complaints
 Stress management
 Burnout prevention
 Self-esteem issues
 Performance blocks
 Exam nerves
 Undesired behavioural patterns
 Self-help

Another innovative focus of EMDR is performance enhancement: which aims to improve the functioning of people at work, in sports, and in performing arts.


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