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 Three cases studies of three sessions are required for assessment that will be on a one to one basis.  We have regular revision sessions that are optional at a priced at £30 and supervision/Q&A.  You are always fully supported.

 the material and sessions are recorded for you personally and full notes provided. we provide additional practice or role play opportunities with a partner through Zoom or at West Malling, which the tutor will assess.

We offer you the chance to attend a free taster session of any of the current training sessions, where you can meet our students. We also encourage you to discuss your requirements or ask for more information on a one-to-one basis, at a time that suits you. You can either call in or chat via phone or Zoom. This will help you to ask any questions and tailor the training to meet your needs.

The full diploma course costs £1980, or you can take the foundation 4-day course for £420, with the option to continue and complete the diploma with four instalments of £450. There is a discount of 20% for upfront payment

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These classes may also be used for self-development and gives you a good basis for many therapies in a relaxed environment of a small group,  We will explain a little about the history of hypnotherapy and continue with what is Hypnosis and also trance states, the power of the mind; together with simple inductions, deepeners, post-hypnotic suggestions and how to awaken your client.  You will learn about the Laws of suggestion and focus of attention strategies. Also included in this session is confidence, ego-strengthening and how to establish rapport with your client. You will be practising tactile or eye fixation induction and we will be discussing any contra-indications of treatment.

This session is valuable learning self-hypnosis and reducing stress whether you want it for yourself or to discover the benefits for family and friends and of course your clients.  The focus is on the use of hypnosis for positive change;  Erickson early learning set and approaches will be discussed and practised and you will learn how to pinpoint relevant information and practise a consultation; learn two more inductions and deepeners. You will be using self-hypnosis also hypnotic suggestions for stress reduction. We will discuss abreactions, how to deal with and understand the benefits,  An interactive and informal environment is provided whether you join us on zoom or in person.

Whether you are using this training to become a hypnotherapist or for self-help, it will teach you techniques to release emotional issues and improve confidence.

Demonstration of and use of a fractionation induction which is especially useful for nervous or anxious clients; and also the Ideo Motor Response as a means of communication when your client is in hypnosis.  Hypnotic voice and the language and suggestions to create your scripts are included together with questions to ask your client in order to establish a positive outcome.  Scripts are  included for you to use for letting go of emotional issues, improved confidence and wellbeing

This section focusses on a short history of psychology including Wundt’s introspection to scientific psychology. It includes an introduction to four of the approaches (sometimes called perspectives) that show different ways of looking at psychological behaviours.  These are: psychodynamic, behaviourist, humanist and cognitive.  Each with explanations according to the evidence provided within that approach.

This session will address the emotional causes of negative habits and we will be using weight control as an example. Included will be practical guidelines for healthy eating for weight loss, aversion techniques and scripts, a typical case history, and scripts for motivation and utilization of resources.

You will gain greater understanding about working with weight issues using pinpointing, parts therapy enabling you and the client to identify the motivating factors.  Further information on eating disorders is covered separately

The emphasis will be on eliminating negative habits through authoritarian and indirect suggestions using Stop Smoking as the main subject. Full questionnaires and scripts together with planning strategies and methods to identify gains and losses will be provided.

Also included are various ways and methods of working with clients who may need more in depth strategies.  This session will provide you with knowledge and confidence to create a Stop Smoking Personalised Plan for your client; use of authoritarian hypnosis suggestions to eliminate negative habits and install new and positive behaviours and adapt and write scripts for other habits such as nail biting, binge drinking etc. Suggestions will be given to gain referrals and expand your business

Insight orientated hypnotherapy is focused on finding solutions.  Techniques to use the subconscious mind to go direct to issue and focus on the solution.  Use of dissociation and also  integrative approaches.  Interactive trance and setting boundaries. 

Psychodynamic, behaviourist and humanist approaches together with a table to show applications and treatment.  This is helpful and informative when deciding which method to use and which type of treatment is most useful for your client and their needs.  Understanding the brain states and the difference between sleep and hypnosis.  We will also include cognitive behavioural approaches within the session

Desensitisation Treatment for Phobias, panic attacks and anxiety; Dissociation methods; Hierarchies & SUDs ; Fight or Flight, Panic Attack – what is it and how to resolve it and the identification of psychosomatic and behavioural symptoms. We will be discussing thinking patterns linked to anxiety and you will be shown and be able to practice a magnetic field induction and the use of future Orientation in Time.

Attachment explains the person you have become from birth through the whole of your lifespan.  The changes that take place are influenced by biological factors (nature and by environmental and cultural factors (nurture). Developmental psychologists focus attachments between infants and their parents to look at how much these influence our development. It also enables them to look at whether these relationships are fixed or have the capacity for change and observation of children brought up in different circumstances. In some circumstances children suffer childhood trauma that is not always evident until later. This part of the course will enable you to recognise that childhood relationships impact on adult relationships.

 Accessing the Inner Child using Psychology of Selves, hypnotherapy and  visualisation to understand and let go of mistaken beliefs, core negative thoughts and unmet needs.  We have many versions of our inner child so this is an opportunity to meet them, discover your creativity and magical self as well as releasing old patterns.

This session covers techniques of regression and its relevant application directed to old anger and fears, emotional and underlying issues using free floating, age, dissociated and analytical regression. There will be an overview of Freud and analytical approaches, including: transference and counter-transference. There are many uses of regression and its appropriate application is discussed. The day will include demonstration and practice

With Christine Bailey.

What you can claim for, Planning and Managing your Business. Marketing and connect to your niche market and identify necessary professional codes and standards etc.  with Yvonne Bostock.

This session covers all types of addictions, and how to identify and evaluate them with specific application to alcoholism, binge drinking and obsessive behaviours; a review of typical case histories and identifying appropriate treatment protocols. What is an OCD and how to work with this.

Children & teenagers using story-telling in hypnotherapy, quick inductions, NLP for children & specialised scripts for memory; school phobias, CBT Approaches, exams; enuresis; study skills, thumb sucking etc. We will also cover mind maps and case studies. Children’s Act etc

This session covers Past Life regression and healing the past and any trauma carried through life times. Included is also Ancestral Time Line. It is an experiential day with healing at a soul level. Comprehensive notes are included and this can lead on to further training in this area

Introduction to Psychology of Selves to facilitate insights; Alert Hypnosis & parts therapy to access emotional issues and understand how to resolve habits through energy work. By the end of the session you will be able to facilitate parts therapy through dissociation in alert hypnosis. In a practical session you will be able to experience and assist your client to access the specific parts and create understanding and insights This will enable you gain confidence in the application of parts therapy and Psychology of Selves

This is a day of “stepping into” inner parts and experiencing the energy to resolve conflict and dis-ease. It is especially useful in finding the root cause of issues in all kinds of relationships, old patterns and to release them. You will also discover disowned parts and reconnect with them with often very healing outcomes and renewed energy and getting in touch with your higher self (or awareness)

When clients might not wish to use “typical” hypnosis, you will be shown many ways of changing negative mindsets. This is a Life Coaching and NLP approach and will include various methods of Timelines. The session is useful for working with businesses or groups as well as on a one to one basis.  You have the option to watch additional information on NLP with videos or join current sessions of Life Coaching where NLP is included.

An opportunity to revise what you have done so far and identify any areas for more support.  Practise of case scenarios will be used so that you can use your knowledge to discuss suitable methods and techniques.  Planning with your client 


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