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Memory Training

You might like to try a Kinesiology method which is described as follows and is taken from Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and I also have a hypnotherapy script for you.

For more information about Kinesiology we have an evening on 20th May.  Please click here for further information >>

How to Keep Your Memory Sharp

For your memory to be effective, it is necessary for energies to flow freely through the suture lines in your skull. These tend to become less flexible with age and this simple process will take about a minute each day and will improve the flow of oxygen and cerebral-spinal fluids, as well as subtle energies.

1. Place your left hand over your heart and right hand on the right side of your head, palm next to your right ear, fingers extended upward over your head.

2. Breathe deeply four times while holding this position – in through the nose, out through the mouth. Raise your body with the in-breath, relax it with the out-breath.

3. Move your right hand to the back of your head and repeat the breathing.

4. Now place your right hand over the right hand side of your chest, your left hand by your left ear, and repeat the breathing.

5. Finally, place the palm of your left hand on your forehead with your fingers going up onto the top of your head and again use the same breathing.


Do this daily, perhaps when you first sit down at your desk, computer, or TV, or while you are warming up your car, and you will be maximising its effectiveness.

For you or your clients I have adapted the following script with induction.


MEMORY (script)

Just close your eyes and allow your mind to drift to a place you remember as your favourite beach a place where the sun is comfortably warm – the feeling the sun on your skin warming you. Be aware of gentle sound of the waves as they flow over the sandy beach, just drifting and relaxing and yet part of you is listening….that part of you that can make the changes within you to enhance the quality of your life…..and to let go stressful feelings……just as easily as the sea washing the sea shore and the breeze flowing through your hair …. letting go of any tension or worries and replace them with empowering thoughts, harmonious feelings and physical wellbeing;

As you listen to the sound of the sea allow your mind to release any stress or worries into the ocean and hear the waves take them further out to sea to be cleansed or washed away, or see them lifting away with the breeze up and away into the air and watch them disappear away from you, feel them being released from your body and from your mind and emotions forever and being replaced by
positive thoughts, adopting positive beliefs.

You are communicating with your brain cells and reminding them to register information and to file them in the way that allows easy recall so that your memory is becoming better and better and your recall is impressive. You use your mind because your mind is rather like a muscle……the more you use it the better it is. Your positive and powerful belief system are creating a wonderful, reliable dependable memory.

Everything you hear or see or experience is recorded in your amazing mind. Your mind is more efficient than the world’s best computer, it retains information for you, it stores and holds this information for you and you have perfect and instant access to it. Because you have confidence and absolute faith in your memory you are able to relax more and trust that the information you require will be received at the right time for you. You ask your mind to retrieve the memory you require and it does because you have registered it. You have wonderful recall and retention; you retain information, facts figures and memories in your mind perfectly and recall them rapidly and accurately.

It maybe that you visualise the information, or hear it, or just have a sense of knowing and in any event you only need ask your computer-like mind for the information you need and within moments it will flow into your mind and stay there for as long as you need it.

Your conscious mind is expanding, retaining more and more information, which you can immediately recall. You are able to absorb so much material; things you read, things you hear or experience are all absorbed into your mind and filed away in a system that is so perfect it delivers the information back to you on demand. You have wonderful powers of concentration, comprehension, retention and recall and you use them all fully. Whatever you concentrate on you remember. You remind yourself that everything you see, hear and experience is recorded in your mind for your recall. You have total faith and absolute confidence in your memory- what is expected tends to be realised, and you expect with supreme confidence that your memory will always be superb and your expectations are met.
Enjoy doing the things that enable you to develop a good memory by ensuring your brain gets a rich supply of oxygen and that the circulation to your brain is good by exercising or being mindful. . Your brain is a self-rejuvenating organ- the more you use it, the better it is. (Awaken)


Give the information you want to retain your attention and keep in short term memory (STM) long enough to process it.
Allow time for the intention to remember to take effect.

  • Repetition rehearsal
  • Look up to visualise or create a mental whiteboard or blackboard (visual)
  • Create a mental tape recorder (hear yourself saying it) (auditory)
  • Create a similar state of mind or recreate in your mind the same situation or circumstances to retrieve the memory or the lost object.
  • Use the imagination to create a funny or meaningful link.
  • If there are no obvious links with several pieces of information to be remembered, create a peg system.
  • Organise the information in to smaller categories.


As well as serving as an information storage system, efficient notes allow a person to encode the information, organise it, make associations and inferences, and consciously think about what is significant, thereby increasing the depth of processing.

  • The key words in any sentence are the words that hold most of the information content. They are the words that are remembered, and when recalled they ‘unlock’ the meaning again.
  • Key words are usually nouns and verbs. They are concrete and specific, and generate strong images.
  • The more key words there are in notes, the more useful they are and the better they are remembered. Ideally, notes should be based on key words and key images.
  • Traditional notes, in neat linear sentences, waste space, waste time in recording and reviewing, disguise and dissociate the key words. They aid forgetfulness rather than memory.
  • The brain does not generally work in a linear step-by-step manner but process many streams of information at once, making numerous associations and connections as it goes. Mind Maps reflect this nature of the brain and are therefore an excellent interface between the brain and the outside world.

In making mind maps:

  • Use key words and images
  • Print the words rather than use script
  • Put the words on lines
  • Use one word per line
  • Make the pattern outstanding
  • Be creative and original
  • Use colour, dimensions, imagery and imagination
  • Have strong well-defined centres and subcentres
  • Use arrows and other means to show connections
  • Use personal codes, mnemonics and associations
  • be involved with the pattern and have fun
  • Mind Maps can be used in any situation where you want to put pen to paper – and in many more
  • They have advantages over ordinary notes in being
  • Visual and easily remembered
  • Flexible and open-ended
  • Clear in themes, structure, and relative importances
  • Unique and understanding
  • Compact
  • Fast
  • Organic like the brain
  • Fun and enjoyable

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