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CBT cognitive Behavioural Training Techniques in Kent

CBT cognitive Behavioural training Techniques Appointments and training in Cognitive Behavioural Training What is CBT CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Training Therapy is based on the psychotherapeutic approach which is used by psychologists and therapists to help promote positive change in individuals, to help alleviate emotional distress, and to address a myriad of psycho/social/behavioural issues. Aaron T Beck,

Accredited Hypnotherapy Training

Accredited Hypnotherapy and NLP Training Course. Dates for  Training commencing March 2018  Please see under accredited training for full details. Course Overview: The NLP Certificated Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy provides  the theory and practical hands-on experience to explore many useful and helpful aspects of hypnosis and NLP.   It is also suitable for self- knowledge and self-development and also is

Performance Anxiety - Transform Fear into Action

Performance Anxiety – Transform Fear into Action

Performance anxiety affects many people and fear is such a strong emotion it can literally freeze you in your tracks. Performance anxiety can occur anywhere – on stage, in the workplace, playing sport, during exams and even in the home.  Having practiced hypnotherapy and applied therapies for many years, I have successfully treated a number

Stop Smoking … the easy way with Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking  … the easy way with Hypnotherapy.   How Long Will it Take? Usually it is a one or two session treatment.  The first session is about 70 mins, the first part of it (around 20 mins) pinpointing and taking information so that your session is more personalised to you.  The actual hypnosis is normally

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