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The Power of the Unconscious Mind and Trance States.

The introduction day will cover: Brief history from Shaman to Freud and up to date including Mesmer, Esdaile and Braid. What are trance states and levels of consciousness. Demonstrations and practice will be included for inductions and deepeners using progressive relaxation, focus of attention strategies and eye fixation. Further trance states are outlined including counting down, link words and Erickson indirect approaches. Contra-indications are discussed. The Laws of suggestion and the use of suggestion.

  Making Changes

The focus is on making positive changes and understanding mind-body connections; use of Erickson language, early learning set and approaches; outline of consultation. Demonstrate self- induced relaxation; discuss open ended suggestions, deepening trance states with use of metaphors and questioning. Practice inducing trance state through indirect suggestion and reduce stress. Your voice. What is an abreaction and how to deal with it and understand the benefits. Understanding confidentiality and also the exceptions to this.


Utilization of Resources

This session will address the emotional causes of negative habits. How to work with nervous clients using fractionation method. We will discuss use of right and left hemispheres of the brain and how you can use the creative side for positive benefits.

Included will be scripts for motivation and utilization of resources. The Ideo-motor Response and uses will be practiced and how to use it for interactions with clients. Use of questionnaires and planning strategies for personalising for your clients.




This is devised in five sections of four sessions plus one extra session.


  1.  Wellbeing and Stress Issues

Psychology of Selves – Stress to Success.


Introduction to Psychology of Selves: parts therapy to access issues and understand how to resolve habits. How to facilitate parts therapy through dissociation and use of trance.  In a practical session you will be able to experience and assist your client to access the specific parts and create understanding and insights. An outline of personality types and background to psychotherapy is included.


Letting Go of Negative Habits


The emphasis will be on eliminating negative habits through authoritarian and indirect suggestions using Stop Smoking as an example. Full questionnaires and scripts together with planning strategies and methods to identify gains and losses will be provided. Also included are relevant scripts; session will provide you with knowledge and practice to use a Stop Smoking Personalised Plan for your client; use authoritarian hypnosis suggestions to eliminate negative habits and install new and positive behaviours and adapt and write scripts for other habits such as nail biting, binge drinking etc.


Insights to Wellbeing


Covers Insight orientated Techniques & Metaphors, Dissociation techniques, ratification of the altered state of consciousness and interactive trance. We will be using imagery and diagnostic trance facilitation. Looking at the impact of stress on our whole body with an overview of anatomy and physiology. How our thoughts affect our health and wellbeing.




Mindfulness & Cognitive Approaches


Mindfulness for stress, tension, relaxation, improving concentration and reduction of pain.

Relaxation techniques. The Cognitive approaches addresses language and challenging thoughts. How your thoughts affect your emotions and behaviour. The outcome is for positive outlook and wellbeing. A selection of transformation scripts and strategies is included.



  1. Four Sessions covering Confidence, Assertiveness, Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety.

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking, Building your Business


Public speaking, performance anxiety, presentation skills, marketing and building your business is the main subject. This is especially useful for you in promoting yourself as well as helping clients with issues such as wedding speeches etc. You will be able to put together a presentation and proposal with reference to promoting your business and identify specific and appropriate marketing connected to your niche market and identify necessary professional codes and standards etc. This session also addresses interview skills. Useful scripts and techniques are included.



Inner Child and Children for Confidence, Exams and Memory Training


Different approaches are used to access the Inner Child (there are many) and to resolve fears, create confidence and self-esteem. Resolving patterns from childhood and relationships. How to work with Children & teenagers using NLP for learning and memory training. The Children’s Act. The session also includes study skills and memory; use of Eye Accessing Cues; spelling strategy;




Phobias & Panic Attacks and Performance Anxiety


Desensitisation Treatment for Phobias, panic attacks and anxiety; Hierarchies & SUDs; Panic Attack –identification of psychosomatic and behavioural symptoms. Basic understanding of fight and flight and normalising the symptoms. Using anchoring for presentations and sports performance; Collapsing, chaining, stacking anchors advanced; Old Windows – association and disassociation; Mapping across.

  The use of future Orientation in Time and NLP techniques to facilitate change.





Assertiveness Training – How to Present Yourself


Discuss and develop techniques for becoming more confident, positive and assertive and building self-esteem. Self -image visualizations and NLP techniques. Role play and case studies. Language and body image using modelling, confidence circle and CBT.  Changing old beliefs and mindsets.

Assertiveness in communication, dealing with criticism. Interpersonal skills. Life Coaching approaches.



  1. Four Sessions Communication skills ,NLP language and techniques for relationships, negotiation skills and goal setting.

NLP & Life Coaching for Communication skills and motivation

The day will be covering NLP, communication skills, goal setting, Values, Motivation and an introduction to life coaching. Demonstrate effective communication skills, including rapport and listening skills. This is interactive and will help you to gain clarity on your purpose,Finding what is your client’s motivation to change.  Using appropriate language and questioning.   Clarifying differences between Trance States, NLP, CBT and life coaching . Using pinpointing methods. Full back up notes are provided.



Mindsets and Timelines


How to set a goal into a timeline. Successful management skills.   NLP and CBT approaches for changing negative mindsets and relationships in business.   The session is useful for working with businesses or groups as well as on a one to one basis.





Covering time management. Stress, planning and strategies

Reduce interruptions at work; Manage your time better, Lead a more balanced life

Have confidence in dealing with difficult situations.   Training effectiveness

Target outcomes, Management Outcomes and Targets



Facilitating Insights – Conflict & Patterns

Facilitating the client to gain insights.   This is a practical session using perceptual positioning to access inner resources and gain new perspectives  of  patterns of It is especially useful in finding the root cause of issues in all kinds of relationships, old patterns and to release them. By the end of the session you will be able to facilitate parts therapy through dissociation..  In a practical session you will be able to experience and assist your client to access the specific parts and create understanding and insights.


  1. Four Sessions covering successful outcomes and strategies including guidelines and boundaries.

Mastery, Learning Cycle, Perceptual Positioning

Blocked filters and how we communicate; The use of questioning; Cause and Effect and mindset; What motivates us; The Learning Cycle – Mastery and Artistry; Practicing Metal Model which uses perceptual positions for relationship issues and re-examining situations from the past that may not have turned out as well as you wished.

Strategies for Success

The Museum of Beliefs. Changing Strategies for Success; Aligning yourself with your purpose; Setting your intent; Choosing a Model of Excellence – what makes the difference. Meta Model in depth

The Milton Model check list.   Disney Process – Dreamer, Realist and Critic.


Guidelines, Planning, Boundaries

Planning and guidelines for your client, and clarification of your goals and direction.  You will be able to identify and evaluate your knowledge and skills on the subjects taught.   Questionnaires, strategies and case histories. Identify issues and negotiate agreed outcomes.   Guidelines in preparation of setting up a practice. National standards. After care support.


Aligning Yourself with Your Purpose


Adapting Language – Milton Model Patterns; Challenging Necessities; Distorted Patterns; Changing Strategies for Success; Aligning yourself with your purpose; Set the business strategy.



  1. Four Sessions covering What is Life Coaching. Management Skills. Social Skills Leadership training. Change Management. NLP

Change Management and Resilience


Content to be added.



Life Coaching and the techniques used


Content to be added.


Management – Working with Schools and Staff etc.


Content to be added.


NLP further skills to be used with Children and Adults as a tool box



Content to be added





Extra session:


Techniques of Regression and different types and Analytical Regression


This session covers techniques of regression and its relevant application directed to old anger and fears, emotional and underlying issues using free floating, age, dissociated and analytical regression. There will be an overview of Freud and analytical approaches, including: transference and counter-transference. There are many uses of regression and its appropriate application is discussed. The day will include demonstration and practice.




You will be able to offer



  • Tailor-made solutions to identify and meet particular needs of individuals and groups in business.


  • Create a more positive understanding for health and wellbeing and improvements to reduce stress in the workplace.


  • Deliver small targeted seminars or one to one sessions in the workplace


  • Deliver positive solutions for schools both staff and children for reducing stress through life coaching and relaxation.





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