Spiritual Awareness & Training

Monthly Friday evening meeting – Free.  Please put dates in your diary.

10th August Friday evening 7.30 – 9.30  The Story – Tuning into the energy. also meditation and healing.
It is run monthly usually 2nd Friday of month.  .    Please confirm your attendance by email or text 07711140201 or patwhitson@uwclub.net


Spiritual Awareness & Training


12th August Workshop with Terry – –

Time: 10am – 4.30pm

Cost:   £60 – Limited spaces so book early.            Deposit of £10 to secure your place

Terry Ward will be holding a workshop to pass on his knowledge

“KNOWLEDGE OF THE SELF.” A TWO DAY WORKSHOP. DAY TWO IS FREE! A two day workshop regarding your Inner-Space. This workshop shows you how you can connect yourself to your inner-Temple.

“Knowledge of the Self” goes back 1000’s of years! It is beyond the 10% of your left brains hemisphere, and it’s conditioning, believes and concepts!

“Knowledge of the Self”, allows you to access your right hemisphere brain, which is 90%. Our left and right parts of the brain mirrors what we know and don’t know regarding the universe. This is backed up by Quantum physics.

Vision Board Workshop Friday 28th September 2.00 p.m. Cost £25.00

New course arranged by Monica Wade to develop your own Vision Board.  Powerful and fun.  Boards are provided.  Contact Pat Whitson 07711140201 for further details.

Mindfulness  date to be arranged.

Mindfulness is a mind-body experience or technique, using meditation, breathing, yoga approaches (stretching and focus) and elements from CBT to enable us to become more in tune with our thoughts and feelings.  It affects the way the brain works showing increased activity in the pre-frontal cortex which is an aSpiritual Awarenessrea of the brain associated with positive emotion.

The benefits:

Manage our thoughts better instead of being overwhelmed

  • Help with depression, anxiety, stress, negative habits or addictions, pain tiredness or chronic fatigue syndrome. Insomnia and dis-ease.
  • Helps to boost concentration and focus
  • Gives insights to emotional states
  • There is evidence of less sickness absence and improved productivity in the workplace.
  • More able to tap into areas of the brain that may have previously been dormant.
  • This may increase intelligence and improve life span.
  • Releases layers of old anger, guilt, anxiety, fear, worry
  • Emotional balance and wellbeing.





Astrology with Eamonn –  date to be arranged.

Birth Charts and the Significance of your Sun Sign 

Understanding your own and your client’s Sun Sign will significantly enhance your rapport and understanding of the core modalities and motivation of your client and the approach that may be most successful.

You can use this as a CPD as you will understand the relevance of this and how it will help your practice.  You will probably have more insights into yourself and your own personality.

If you would like a birth chart for your own interpretation you may contact Eamonn prior to the day Eamonn will be able to bring this with him.  You will need the date, place and if possible time of birth.  His email is eamonn.cullen@virgin.net.



Course Trainer:

Eamonn Cullen

Goal Setting and Law of Attraction – 7.30 – 9.30

Does your goal fulfil your highest purpose?  If you want to attract something or someone into your life, clarify your intention.  We will be using kinesiology and Law of Attraction. Timelines, practical session and handouts.

Often we hold on too tightly to a project or goal when in fact it is better to allow it to evolve and grow in energy.  It is our own anxiety and needs that can block the progress.  Success is not about getting something but about serving something.



Course Trainer:

Pat Whitson


Accessing your Higher Awareness or Soul Consciousness

Soul Consciousness – reclaiming what we already know/remembering who we really are. A soul in a human body; not a human body with a soul – a spiritual being..  Develop peace of mind through meditation and reconnection.  The soul is a point source of light energy and is the source of everything – all thoughts, words, actions.   Meditation and accessing our intuition and higher awareness.  We have continuing development groups on 2nd Friday of the Month.   Please enquire for details.


Emotional Journey

Past Life Advanced Training Day. (requirement – to have attended the introduction to past life in diploma training.)  £75.


Tarot Readings and Training  

A One Day Intro Course in Tarot – £35      9.30 – 2.30

The Tarot Cards are used to indicate events or receive guidance in both our outer and inner world.

A deck consists of 78 cards depicting symbols to signify experiences.

Our minds think in symbols and so we can tap into a higher wisdom or universal truth by enhancing our intuition through these symbols. The deck is divided into two sections:

The Major Arcana –  22 cards. This usually indicates more important events of our journey

The Minor 56 cards. Each depicts the everyday aspects.  .  They contain four suits:  Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, numbered from Ace to 10 and then 4 court cards in each suit.

Insights and Personal Awareness through the symbols of the Tarot.

Develop your intuition, learn how The Tarot can bring you more understanding about yourself.   This class is suitable for beginners and those with an interest in self development.

Patricia has been working within the spiritual field for 25 years particularly with the Tarot both as a teacher and also giving guidance and readings. She has worked both internationally and with royalty, and has many years of experience and professional training in therapies including hypnotherapy, past life regression, rebirthing, and healing, including Reiki. 

In Depth Tarot Reading – please ring or email for appointment.

 Patricia uses the tarot in conjunction with clairvoyance and spiritual guidance.

She will tune into your main concern first of all following this with an astrological spread, using the cards, which will provide further information in areas of finance, family, work, love life. relationships, home environment,health, travel, goals, emotional concerns and spiritual path.    She will show you choices to resolve problems or reveal alternative solutions.

Her readings will show your path over the past present and future. Particular guidance will be given to emotional issues and you will also have an opportunity to ask any questions or guidance on any problem.



Course Trainer:

Pat Whitson


Course Trainer:

Pat Whitson


At Kent College of Hypnotherapy we run a range of spiritual awareness and development training courses including:

Goal setting and Law of Attraction
Tarot Readings and Introduction to The Tarot Training
Birth Charts and the Significance of your Sun Sign for your self and others
Accessing your Higher Awareness or Soul Consciousness
The Emotional Journey of acceptance and forgiveness.


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