Psychology of Selves

Psychology of Selves

Psychology of Selves

 The Psychology of Selves is a healing and counselling approach using perceptual positioning and energy work and dialogue with our inner selves to discover patterns and belief systems within us and experience resolution with renewed energy.

The Psychology of our Inner Selves

A New Course in 6 parts


  • Ideally would be used as an add on to Hypnotherapy training or another speaking therapy when you may receive a Diploma  OR  if you have not completed any previous training  you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


  • Day 1  The Inner Family (controller, protector, child)
  • Day 2  Who is in Charge  (the driving parts)
  • Day 3  Accessing your Intuition and Creativity (magical Parts)
  • Day 4  – Self Sabotage, letting go and moving forward
  • Day 5   Resolving Conflict, pain and tension
  • Day 6   The Hidden Parts – increase your energy & vitality


From the beginning of our being, we have REACTED to energies around us; circumstances, situations, other beings; and all these have had an effect upon how we NEXT ACT. (cause and effect). We have developed in RELATION to the circumstances around us and in accordance with our own belief systems which have been built up over many years. We are constantly striving for the REAL Self or INNER Reality. However the TRUTH is that we can only view it from the REALITY we have developed.

In other words we have created within us a wealth of experiences and the necessary personal dynamics to cope with or react to these. This all forms part of our Personality and we have many facets. Some of these facets are submerged or hidden and others have become so strong that they have dominated.

It is a bit like looking at your own TERRITORY or PLAN of your life and seeing the different parts of yourself, some of which you may recognise and some of which you don’t.   Seeing how they all fit together and how you have created this particular STRATEGY. This is your MAP with your PLAYERS.

By stepping into a different part of the map or into a different player you can gain much more awareness because you can see the picture from a different viewpoint, and

Feel energies of those players from their perspective. You can also decide, for example, whether you do still want that ‘brick wall’ there or if that hidden player still needs to hide.

Typical Selves or Parts:

  • Protector or Caring Part
  • Controller or Logical Part
  • Inner Child (under many guises)
  • Pleaser
  • Rescuer
  • Critic
  • Magical Child
  • Intuitive Wise Part
  • Disapproving, Judgemental
  • Suppressed Energy or Hidden aspect
  • Defence Strategies – saboteur
  • The Perfectionist.
  • The Driver

The benefits:

  • Client gains insights to underlying issues
  • Actually experiences the benefit of making the change
  • Creates own solution to issue through the new understanding
  • Sees the situation from a new perspective
  • May discover new resources or hidden parts
  • Enables client to become the observer
  • Releases energy instead of conflict
  • Relationships improve
  • Resolves unwanted stress and negative habits


Kent College of Hypnotherapy
26 Ewell Avenue
West Malling
Kent ME19 6NN


£85.00 (discount if early booking)

Course Trainer:

Patricia,  Virginia, Monica


For administration and enquiries please contact Pat Whitson on 07711 140201

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