Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Access Past Life Memories for Healing and Transformation

Saturday 17th November Past Life with Hypnotherapy Introduction


Past Life Regression is a form of Hypnotherapy used to access past life experiences which is helpful for:  A one day introduction is available – please ask for next dates.

  • Completing unfinished issues
  • To gain insights from the past and to enable resolutions where necessary
  • To access resources or talents from previous lives
  • Gain motivation, understanding and discover your soul purpose
  • Past Life Recall – what is it
  • When is it appropriate and when not appropriate
  • Techniques and methods accessing past lives
  • Scripts for hypnotic trance.
  • Exploring the past
  • Healing past lives – healing the present issues
  • Beliefs, decisions, suppressed emotions
  • Completing Unfinished business
  • Accessing resources, talents from previous lives
  • Insights from the past and soul purpose.

Past-Life Regression training can be used also as a CPD as well as an addition to your tool box.



Kent College of Hypnotherapy

26 Ewell Avenue

West Malling

Kent ME19 6NN


£75 for complete day. (discount if booked in advance)

Repeat £20 per day


We also offer 1.5 hour Group Sessions at £25.  This Group session is available for non-hypnotherapists as well using meditation and visualization to give insights of ways to access a past life experience.

Course Trainers:

Virginia Walter-Bellue, Patricia Whitson & Kay Best.

Individual Appointments available with Virginia, Kay or Pat.

For administration and enquiries please contact Pat Whitson on 07711 140201


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ME19 6NN

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