NLP Training (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP Training  (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Syllabus for Foundation in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming:

  • Finding what is your client’s motivation to change.
  • Using appropriate language and questioning.
  • NLP, communication skills –  rapport and listening skills.
  • Erickson early learning set and approaches;
  • Understanding the meta module.
  • Clarifying differences between hypnosis,NLP, counselling and life coaching.
  • Ways of changing negative mindsets, negative beliefs.
  • Values, Goal setting  and successful outcomes.
  • Questionnaires and strategies including scripts and case histories .
  • Identify issues and negotiate agreed outcomes.
  • Guidelines in preparation of setting up a practice.

 Cost of training for Foundation Training : £275   (deposit of £95 to be paid 3 weeks in advance)

 Trainers:  Patricia Whitson and Virginia Walter Bellue
Venue: 26, Ewell Avenue, West Malling Nr. Maidstone, Kent
Weekdays are usually Tuesdays starting at 9.30 and finishing at 2.30.

ABOUT THE TRAINING                        

The Certificated Foundation Course in Life Coaching and NLP provides both the theory and practical hands-on experience to explore many useful and helpful aspects of hypnosis.   It is suitable for self- knowledge and self-development and useful as an add on to existing training or therapy.

Back up scripts and comprehensive notes will be provided on all courses.  and once successfully completed you can progress to the Diploma Training.   This Training is Certificated by the Kent College of Hypnotherapy and the full Diploma over further additional days is accredited by The Hypnotherapy Association,

Additional Booking Information:
  • The above course can be used for own development and or as a add on to other therapies
  • It can be also accredited with further additional sessions – please ask for details..
  •  If you are an established therapist the training can be modified to suit.
  •  Small group 8 or less.
  •  Syllabus includes overview of, NLP and Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.
  •  Back up notes and scripts provided.    An Informal environment.  Tea/coffee provided

For administration or enquiries, please contact Pat Whitson on 07711140201 or


Diploma Training in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Syllabus for Diploma:

  • Working with  Adults and Children using metaphors, stories and NLP
  • Parts Therapy.
  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking,
  • Building your Business
  • Phobias and Panic Attacks with NLP, Dissociation
  • Effective Strategies and Stress Management
  • Mindsets & Timelines
  • Ericksonian Approaches
  • Rapport & Mirroring
  • Anchors
  • Eye cuing
  • calibrating
  • Modalities


Practitioner Training in NLP  7 days                                                                                       (requirement to have completed Foundation & Diploma)


Blocked Filters and how we communicate;

The use of questioning; Cause and Effect and mindset;

What motivates us;

The Learning Cycle – Mastery and Artistry;

Practicing Metal Model which uses perceptual positions for relationship issues and re-examining situations from the past that may not have turned out as well as you wished.

Using anchoring for presentations and sports performance;  Collapsing,Chaining, stacking anchors

working with conflict using Parts integration NLP method;

use of Eye Accessing Cues;  spelling strategy;

Old Windows – association and disassociation; Mapping across.

NLP and the unconscious mind using Milton Erickson language;

Trance states and Hypnosis

Disney Process – Dreamer, Realist and Critic; ;

mending memory lane.

Practice The Museum of Beliefs. Changing Strategies for Success;

Aligning yourself with your purpose;

Setting your intent in a time line;

For administration and enquiries please contact Pat Whitson on 07711 140201

 What is NLP? Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Coaching in NLP can really help people feel better within themselves.

  • Provides helpful solutions to long term problems, such as phobias, confidence etc.
  • It is a communication tool to create rapport and understanding
  • Used for improving sales techniques and closure rates.
  • Business consultants find benefits to make changes and improve management.
  • It’s a way of mapping human neurology and creating rapid brain change.
  • A method and understanding of how we store information and retrieve it.
  • It can help with learning and motivation.
  • A tool Box for creating positive change and setting goals.

Techniques of NLP (often used in Life Coaching)

  •  Visualisation techniques
  •  Goal setting – allows the client to get totally clear about their outcome
  •  Re-framing – is a re-focusing technique
  •  Anchoring- is a techniques used to enable a client to get into a resourceful and positive emotional  state at will.
  •  challenging negative self-talk
  •  Identifying negative beliefs and attitudes
  •  Listening skills,  Modelling,  Questioning

For administration and enquiries please contact Pat Whitson on 07711 140201

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