NLP Training (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP Training  (Neuro Linquistic Programming)

NLP  In depth training dates 2017     Wednesdays 1st Nov – 29th 9.30 – 2.30.

Price for 4 days is £280 if paid in advance or £75 per day.

Optional practice sessions available at £20.


Day 1.

Blocked Filters and how we communicate;The use of questioning; Cause and Effect and mindset; What motivates us; The Learning Cycle – Mastery and Artistry; Practicing Metal Model which uses perceptual positions for relationship issues and re-examining situations from the past that may not have turned out as well as you wished.


Day 2.

Using anchoring for presentations and sports performance;  Collapsing,Chaining, stacking anchors advanced;   working with conflict using Parts integration NLP method;  use of Eye Accessing Cues;  spelling strategy;  Old Windows – association and disassociation; Mapping across.


Day 3.

NLP and the unconscious mind using Milton Erickson language; Disney Process – Dreamer, Realist and Critic; Re-scripting process for children and adults; mending memory lane.


Day 4

Practice The Museum of Beliefs. Changing Strategies for Success; Aligning yourself with your purpose; Setting your intent in a time line; Choosing a Model of Excellence – what makes the difference.

Plus if required Optional Practice evenings or mornings of 2 hrs. £20 per session.


What is NLP? Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Coaching in NLP can really help people feel better within themselves.

  • Provides helpful solutions to long term problems, such as phobias, confidence etc.
  • It is a communication tool to create rapport and understanding
  • Used for improving sales techniques and closure rates.
  • Business consultants find benefits to make changes and improve management.
  • It’s a way of mapping human neurology and creating rapid brain change.
  • A method and understanding of how we store information and retrieve it.
  • It can help with learning and motivation.
  • A tool Box for creating positive change and setting goals.

Techniques of NLP (often used in Life Coaching)

  •  Visualisation techniques
  •  Goal setting – allows the client to get totally clear about their outcome
  •  Re-framing – is a re-focusing technique
  •  Anchoring- is a techniques used to enable a client to get into a resourceful and positive emotional  state at will.
  •  challenging negative self-talk
  •  Identifying negative beliefs and attitudes
  •  Listening skills,  Modelling,  Questioning

For administration and enquiries please contact Pat Whitson on 07711 140201

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