Personal Development

Positive and Personal Development

Personal Development including Mindfulness, Self Esteem and CBT

Please also look under CBT and also Spiritual Development.


Mindfulness approaches, using meditation, breathing, yoga approaches (stretching and focus) and elements from CBT to enable us to become more in tune with our thoughts and feelings.  It affects the way the brain works showing increased activity in the pre-frontal cortex which is an area of the brain associated with positive emotion.

The benefits:

Manage our thoughts better instead of being overwhelmed

  • Help with depression, anxiety, stress, negative habits or addictions, pain tiredness or chronic fatigue syndrome. Insomnia and dis-ease.
  • Helps to boost concentration and focus
  • Gives insights to emotional states
  • There is evidence of less sickness absence and improved productivity in the workplace.
  • More able to tap into areas of the brain that may have previously been dormant.
  • This may increase intelligence and improve life span.
  • Releases layers of old anger, guilt, anxiety, fear, worry
  • Emotional balance and wellbeing.


Kent College of Hypnotherapy
26 Ewell Avenue
West Malling
Kent ME19 6NN  (can be taken individually)

Course Trainer:

Pat Whitson

Other Courses in Self Development and Training

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT Training over 5 sessions. It is practical training with  8 students or less and it is provided by the Kent College of Hypnotherapy.  If you are a existing counsellor or hypnotherapist, then you will receive a Diploma in CBT from The Kent College of Hypnotherapy. If you would like to do the training for self development then you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.  This training can also be used as a continued progressive development showing 20 hours of training plus additional home study of approximately 5 hours.

Day 1

An overview of the CBT model including a typical session. This session will focus on habits and behaviours.

Day 2
We will be using Assessment forms and techniques so that you can understand how to use an emotional intensity scale, and also a Depression and Anxiety Inventory.  The use of effective questioning techniques with plenty of practice and work with each other on your own thoughts and other case histories.

Day 3

This is  about intermediate beliefs and rules and the attitudes and assumptions that are made as a result.  You will be able to identify these beliefs and evaluate the evidence of either your own assumptions or a case history and practice how these can be modified so that new more useful rules or beliefs can be put in their place.  This also includes thoughts like should and ought and the pressure and stress this produces in our lives.

Day 4

working with and modifying core beliefs and how to use forms with a client with a typical session.  Understanding how core beliefs have such an impact on our lives in many different ways and how to help your client make these changes. Strategies for various problems and illnesses.

Day 5

Additional CBT therapeutic techniques and treatment including Converting a client’s problem into a SMART goal. Identify problem solving techniques using various worksheets.   Construct and develop a coping card activity chart and monitor chart.

Life Coaching – Taking charge of your life

Performance Enhancement, creating a better quality of life Accessing Resources, Taking control, Find your inner team.  See also other Life Coaching days if you want to do them all. Use of NLP techniques.

NLP for Personal Development

  • Life Style Wheel
  • Practical Solutions –
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • How to use the mind effectively
  • Self induced relaxation
  • Techniques to change your thoughts and beliefs.
  • Course Overview: Confidence Building

Confidence Building

  • Learning to value yourself
  • Thinking about yourself more positively
  • Improving your self belief
  • Finding a support network
  • Identifying ways forward
  • working with individual issues

Stress Management

  • Usual Causes of Stress,
  • Emotional, physical and mental issues and  symptoms.
  • Looking at your lifestyle. How to improve it.
  •  The energy circle;
  • Making the changes.
  • Feel and be in the driving seat
  • Distinguishing positive stress from negative stress.

Goal Setting and Law of Attraction   7.00 – 9.00  £15.00

Does your goal fulfill your highest purpose?  If you want to attract something or someone into your life, clarify your intention.  We will be using kinesiology and Law of Attraction. Timelines, practical session and handouts.

Often we hold on too tightly to a project or goal when in fact it is better to allow it to evolve and grow in energy.  It is our own anxiety and needs that can block the progress.  Success is not about getting something but about serving something.

Who are these courses for?

This course is suitable for adults of all ages who wish to increase their self confidence and feel more in control of their own life. If you have a disability and think it may affect your learning or in using any of our other services, please speak to us in confidence as soon as possible. We will discuss options with you and do our best to provide the support you would like.

Our approach

Discussions in pairs, small groups together with visualisations and practical ideas will be used. . It will also involve activities which will enable you to try out new techniques and experiences in a safe place. Some handouts will be provided and you may wish to make your own notes.

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