Life Coaching Training

Life Coaching Training

 Next dates:  14th December and 26th Jan.

NEW Life Coaching Training – add-on to Existing Training.

New Subjects:

Friday 14th December – Strategies for your Therapeutic Relationship including identifying resistance and well formed outcomes. Questionnaires (New)

26th January 2019.  Insights to Wellbeing – Stress related issues and NLP & CBT approaches plus effects on body.

Manifesting, Motivation & Change including resilience and clarifying your purpose. (New)

Assertiveness Training & Negotiation including and dealing with criticism and role play (New)

Strategies for Success including Disney Process and Museum of Beliefs. (New)



Repeats for Training in Life Coaching you may have already done and may wish to do again.



 6 Day Training – Please ask for details for dates

Total Cost of Training: £450.00 for the 6 days.   Each day may be taken individually if required as a one off at a price of £80.

Deposit of £50 to reserve your place.

Course Overview:

The Life Coaching Training Course is designed to take you through the coaching process in a systematic way.  This is so that you  understand what is involved in it and  learn the techniques that a good coach would employ in helping a client get clear about what they want and why they want it.  You will gain knowledge to develop a strategy to enable your client to achieve it

You will have the opportunity to work through the workshops both as a coach and as a means of self development.   Most of the training is experiential.   However you may practice the techniques to increase your familiarity with them and develop your competence and confidence.

Life Coaching gives you in depth experience of many NLP techniques, tools for motivation and goal setting.  You will find the course very beneficial as a self-development experience as well as gaining the necessary tools to coach others.  No special experience is necessary, although a desire to help people and motivate them is of course important.  It is also ideally suited to therapists who wish to add to their range of skills.

Each session is complete in itself and can be taken separately for own use or as a continued professional development training.

 Life Coaching

Psychology of Selves (part 1)  Relationships

Facilitating the client to gain insights,   This is a practical sessions using perceptual positioning to access inner resources and gain new perspectives  of  patterns of behaviour in relationships.    It is especially useful in finding the root cause of issues in all kinds of relationships, old patterns and to release them. By the end of the session you will be able to facilitate parts therapy through dissociation in alert hypnosis.  In a practical session you will be able to experience and assist your client to access the specific parts and create understanding and insights. We will also be using some NLP. and using pinpointing methods.

Communication Skills and NLP.

Finding what is your client’s motivation to change.  Using appropriate language and questioning.  NLP, communication skills –  rapport and listening skills.  Erickson early learning set and approaches; Understanding the meta module.  Clarifying differences between hypnosis, counselling and life coaching .  Full back up notes are provided.

Mindsets and Timelines  LC

When clients might not wish to use “typical” hypnosis or counselling, you will be shown many ways of changing negative mindsets.   The session is useful for working with businesses or groups as well as on a one to one basis.  NLP techniques are shown to change or reframe negative beliefs and thinking.  Goal setting is used using timelines.


Effective Strategies and Stress Management.

Also included is assertiveness training, anger management and time management.  Looking also at cognitive approaches and useful stress  reduction techniques.  This training day is especially useful if you want to work in business.

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking, Building your Business

Public speaking, performance anxiety, presentation skills, marketing and building your business is the main subject. This is especially useful for you in promoting yourself as well as helping clients with issues such as wedding speeches etc. You will be able to put together a presentation and proposal with reference to promoting your business and identify specific and appropriate marketing connected to your niche market and identify necessary professional codes and standards etc. Useful handouts and techniques are included.

Guidelines, Planning, Boundaries  LC

Planning and guidelines for your client, self assessment, supervision and is a clarification of your goals and direction.  There will be plenty of practice with real or typical cases with role plan and different situations.   You will be able to identify and evaluate your knowledge and skills on the subjects taught.   Questionnaires and strategies including scripts and case histories . Identify issues and negotiate agreed outcomes.   Guidelines in preparation of setting up a practice.


 Trainers:  Patricia Whitson and Virginia Walter Bellue

Venue: 26, Ewell Avenue, West Malling Nr. Maidstone, Kent

Back up notes and scripts provided.  Small group 8 or less.  An Informal environment.  Tea/coffee provided

For administration or enquiries, please contact Pat Whitson on 07711140201 or

This course can be adapted for in house management training, teambuilding and stress management and sales either as a one to one or a group setting.  Each of the above sessions can be taken separately.

To book your place:

 We run both fast track course and a slower pace course depending on your requirements.

There is always the option of hopping on to another date if for some reason you are not able to attend.

If there are more than 6 or you who wish to train other venues  & dates can be arranged with you.

An Informal environment. Tea coffee provided – bring lunch.


 Group or one to one Training for Self Development

  • Develop strategies Life Coaching and resources to identify and achieve goals
  • Create better results in your personal or professional life and keep on track
  • Gain a clearer sense of direction and purpose
  • Useful for self-help and also as an introduction if you wish to be a life coach

Handouts will be available to backup the information given


  • Gain better awareness own direction and purpose
  • Understand methods of improving self-belief and confidence in your abilities
  • Discover and know how to use strategies to improve results and outcomes in your personal or professional life.
  • Have a clearer idea of what life coaching is and how it can be used for self-help and for others
  • Learn skills to increase confidence and self-esteem by improving your belief in yourself.



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