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Accredited Hypnotherapy Course in Kent

Hypnotherapy  Foundation & Diploma


Kent College of Hypnotherapy
26 Ewell Avenue
West Malling
Kent ME19 6NN

The course is accredited by The Hypnotherapy Association.

Cost of Training for Foundation and Diploma:

Total cost for Accredited training including Certified Foundation Course is £2090.(or £1890 if paid in advance)  This may be paid in instalments.
Tel: 01732 846374 For administration or enquiries and payment, please contact Pat Whitson on 077111 4020

Training on Saturdays commencing July 2018.  Introductory day 14th July.

 Dates for Kent College of Hypnotherapy 2018

Accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy & NLP
Accredited Training over 22 days
SATURDAYS ONLY COURSE (weekday course starting in September below) 10:30am – 3:30pm


Remaining dates for Foundation:  Those interested can sit in as a taster.

11th, 18th, 25th August,


1st, 8th, 22nd, 29th Sept,

6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Oct

3rd, 10th,17th 24th Nov,

1st, 8th, 15th Dec


WEEKDAY COURSE (Mainly Tuesdays with some Thursdays)    9:30am – 2:30pm

11th, 18th, 25th September 2018

2nd, 9th, 11th, 16th, 18th, 30th October

6th, 13th, 20th, 27th November

4th, 11th December

8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th January 2019

5th, 12th, 14th February


First 6 days are the foundation course £95.00 per day (£540.00 if paid in advance)

Remaining 16 days are £95.00 per day (£1440 if paid in advance and can be paid in 4 instalments of £360 10 days in advance)

Should you wish to pay the whole 22 sessions at £1890.00, 10 days prior to the course commencing, a further discount is included resulting in a £200 saving.


Certificated Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy – 6 days.

Diploma Course in Hypnotherapy – l6 days

Training in Advanced /Specialised subjects –8 days


The courses take place during weekends or weekdays according to your preference.   The College is fully accredited by The Hypnotherapy Association and meet with the required National Standards Study criteria.



This course provides both the theory and practical hands-on experience to explore many useful and helpful aspects of hypnosis and allied holistic therapies.   It is suitable for self- knowledge and self-development and also is a solid and broad base from which students may progress to the Diploma Course.   The certificated Foundation course will provide you with the necessary skills to use hypnosis to improve confidence, self-esteem, weight control, and to use with habits such as smoking, nailbiting etc. plus an introduction to NLP and cognitive behavioural therapy. Back up scripts and comprehensive notes will be provided on all courses.

The 6th day is a revision, assessment and supervision day and once successfully completed you can progress to the Diploma Training.   This Course is a requirement before progressing to the Diploma.



Once you have completed the Certificated Foundation Course you are able to continue with the Diploma. This is a comprehensive and professional training taught in an interactive and supportive manner. You will receive training from tutors who are specialist in their subjects and have many years experience.   We aim to provide you with the confidence and skills that will enable you to utilize these powerful techniques, whether it for your own use or as a professional hypnotherapist.. If you should miss a module you will have the opportunity to take this at a later date. This is an accredited course.

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Syllabus – Foundation in Hypnotherapy (Certificated)

Day 1 – Introduction to Hypnosis

The introduction day will cover: What is Hypnosis and trance states, the power of the mind; together with simple inductions, deepeners, post-hypnotic suggestions and how to awaken your client.

Demonstrations and practice will be included for progressive relaxation, confidence, ego-strengthening and how to establish rapport with your client. You will be practicing tactile or eye fixation induction and we will be discussing any contra-indications of treatment.


Day 2 – Hypnosis for Positive Change

The focus is on the use of hypnosis for positive change; Erickson early learning set and approaches; memory enhancement; how to pinpoint relevant information; practice a consultation; learn two more inductions and deepeners. You will be using self hypnosis and will practice hypnotic suggestions for stress reduction and memory enhancement. We will discuss abreactions, how to deal with and understand the benefits

Foundation Day 3 – Weight Control & Accessing Information

This session will address the emotional causes of negative habits and we will be using weight control as an example. Included will be practical guidelines for healthy eating for weight loss, aversion techniques and scripts, a typical case history, and scripts for motivation and utilization of resources. The Ideo-motor Response and uses will be practiced and how to use it for interactions with clients.

You will gain greater understand about working with weight issues using pinpointing and be able to identify the motivating factors.

Foundation Day 4 – Stop Smoking

The emphasis will be on eliminating negative habits through authoritarian and indirect suggestions using Stop Smoking as an example. Full questionnaires and scripts together with planning strategies and methods to identify gains and losses will be provided. Also included are The Serenity Script; Healing white light script. This session will provide you with knowledge and practice to use a One session Stop Smoking Personalised Plan for your client; use authoritarian hypnosis suggestions to eliminate negative habits and install new and positive behaviours and adapt and write scripts for other habits such as nail biting, binge drinking etc. Suggestions will be given to gain referrals and expand your business.


Foundation Day 5 –Anxiety, Stress Negative thinking

The objective is to gain confidence in yourself in preparation of becoming a hypnotherapist with guidelines for your own practice. You will also be learning about letting go of negative thinking, stress reduction, insomnia issues and case histories. We will discuss use of right and left hemispheres of the brain and how you can use the creative side for positive benefits. You will see a demonstration of and will be practicing a fractionation induction which is especially useful for nervous or anxious clients.

Foundation Day 6 Revision, Assessment and Practice

This is an overview of what we have done; revision, self assessment, supervision and is a clarification of your goals and direction. There will be plenty of practice with real or typical cases with role plan and different situations. Discussion of Psychology of Selves and Life Coaching will be included. You will be able to identify and evaluate your knowledge and skill as a hypnotherapist on the subjects taught and progress to the next stage once you have satisfied the required standards. You will be creating personalised scripts and discuss case histories.





Below is a brief outline of the course content. For more in depth information reference please

feel free to contact us. We also reserve the right to change the order of the syllabus if required.

  •  DIPLOMA DAY 1 – Insight Orientated

Covers Insight orientated Hypnotic Techniques & Metaphors, Dissociation techniques, ratification of the altered state of consciousness and interactive trance. We will be using imagery and diagnostic trance,facilitating dissociation techniques utilising the IMR process. The day will also cover Two Part dissociation, and identifying and establishing boundaries.

  • DIPLOMA DAY 2 – Pain Management

Pain Management, Strategies to enhance insight or resolve conflict, Symptom substitution, Tension Headaches; migraines; NLP reframing; Anxiety & Stress Reduction, including a wide selection of pain management techniques such as time distortion. We will discuss and identify the purpose of pain including conflict resolution. A selection of transformation scripts is included and you will be shown how to create a personal pain management plan according to the needs of your client.


  • DIPLOMA DAY 3 – Phobias & Panic Attacks

Desensitisation Treatment for Phobias, panic attacks and anxiety.;   Dissociation methods; Hierarchies & SUDs ; Fight or Flight, Panic Attack – what is it and how to resolve it.and the identification of psychosomatic and behavioural symptoms. We will be discussing thinking patterns linked to anxiety and you will be shown and be able to practice a magnetic field induction and the use of future Orientation in Time.


  • DIPLOMA DAY 4 –  EFT & Post Traumatic Stress ,

Other approaches for Post Traumatic Stress; Cognitive questioning. By the end of the session you will practiced in the use of tapping the meridian points and understand how to facilitate your client towards symptom relief with use of EFT techniques together with appropriate use of questioning and affirmations.


  • DIPLOMA DAY 5. – Psychology of Selves – Emotional Issues/habits

Introduction to Psychology of Selves; Alert Hypnosis & parts therapy to access emotional issues and understand how to resolve habits through energy work. . By the end of the session you will be able to facilitate parts therapy through dissociation in alert hypnosis. In a practical session you will be able to experience and assist your client to access the specific parts and create understanding and insights This will enable you gain confidence in the application of parts therapy and Psychology of Selves

  • DIPLOMA DAY 6.- Regression & Analytical

This session covers techniques of regression and its relevant application directed to old anger and fears, emotional and underlying issues using free floating, age, dissociated and analytical regression. There will be an overview of Freud and analytical approaches, including: transference and counter-transference. There are many uses of regression and its appropriate application is discussed. The day will include demonstration and practice.

  • DIPLOMA DAY 7. – NLP & Life Coaching

The day will be covering NLP, communication skills, goal setting, Values, Motivation and an introduction to life coaching. By the end of the session you will be able Identify the differences between life coaching, NLP and counselling. Demonstrate effective communication skills, including rapport and listening skills. This is interactive and will help you to gain clarity on your purpose, aims and goals


  •  DIPLOMA DAY 8. – Eating Disorders, metaphors, strategies (also sports)

Eating Disorders, Bulimia, anorexia, and body image disorders are covered in this session.including an In depth questionnaire and example of consent letter to GP. We will be looking at the underlying emotional issues and triggers plus outside conditioning. You will be able to practice and use Dissociation techniques and understand the benefit of some regression, using specialised scripts and Erickonian type metaphors.



  • DIPLOMA DAY 9. – Presentation Skills & Public Speaking, Building your Business

Public speaking, performance anxiety, presentation skills, marketing and building your business is the main subject. This is especially useful for you in promoting yourself as well as helping clients with issues such as wedding speeches etc. You will be able to put together a presentation and proposal with reference to promoting your business and identify specific and appropriate marketing connected to your niche market and identify necessary professional codes and standards etc. Useful scripts and techniques are included.


 This session covers all types of addictions, and how to identify and evaluate them with specific application to alcoholism, binge drinking and obsessive behaviours; a review of typical case histories and identifying appropriate treatment protocols.   .Depression both reactive and clinical is clarified and how and what can be treated with hypnotherapy and cognitive approaches. This is to give you confidence in working in these areas.


  • DIPLOMA DAY 11 – Working with Children

Children & teenagers using story-telling in hypnotherapy, quick inductions,NLP for children & specialised scripts for memory; school phobias, exams; enuresis; study skills, thumb sucking etc. We will also cover mind maps and case studies.


This session covers Past Life regression and healing the past and any trauma carried through life times.   Included is also Ancestral Time Line. It is an experiential day with healing at a soul level.. Comprehensive notes are included and this can lead on to further training in this area.


  • DIPLOMA DAY 13 –Inner Child – intuition and self discovery

Different approaches are used to access the Inner Child (there are many) and to resolve fears, create harmony and healing.  Develop your intuition with a day of self-discovery including plenty of practice and insights.


  • DIPLOMA DAY 14 Psychology of Selves (Part 2)

This is a day of “stepping into” inner parts and experiencing the energy and emotion to resolve conflict and dis-ease. It is especially useful in finding the root cause of issues in all kinds of relationships, old patterns and to release them. You will also discover disowned parts and reconnect with them with often very healing outcomes and renewed energy and getting in touch with your higher self (or awareness)



When clients might not wish to use “typical” hypnosis, you will be shown many ways of changing negative mindsets. This is a Life Coaching and NLP approach and will include various methods of Timelines. The session is useful for working with businesses or groups as well as on a one to one basis.




A Supervision and Revision day is planned to personally evaluate your progress and identify any areas for improvement. We will be revising and refreshing on previous course sessions and any further support.   Scenarios will be used so that you can use your knowledge to discuss suitable methods and techniques. No written assessment is required, only case histories as shown in the brochure which can be handed in during or after the course.



Total cost

for Accredited training including Certified Foundation Course is £2090.(or £1890 if paid in advance)
  •  Tel: 01732 846374 For administration or enquiries, please contact Pat Whitson on 077111 4020
If you are an established therapist the training can be modified to suit.
If you would like to sit in on one of the current trainings to observe you would be very welcome.


Diploma Training in Hypnotherapy (this training can be commenced at any date after foundation training as each session is complete in itself)
The courses are run in a continuous revolving loop so that you can begin when is appropriate for you and can also catch up if you miss one of the sessions.  Both weekday and weekend dates are available. The weekday ones tend to operate within school hours and holidays and run from 9.30 to 2.30. The Weekend dates are 10.00 – 3.30.  On going Supervision evenings are provided for past and current students at a cost of £20.  You can also repeat a session for a much reduced amount.



 The Advanced modules over an additional 8 days will give you further knowledge of a more specialised nature. Upon completion students may apply for Licentiate membership within the Hypnotherapy Association.


We also provide ongoing support and supervision in the form of CPDs. These courses are either full days or 2 hrs sessions.



Kent College of Hypnotherapy
26 Ewell Avenue
West Malling
Kent ME19 6NN

 The course is accredited by The Hypnotherapy Association.

 Additional Booking Information:

  • Back up notes and scripts provided
  • Prospectus sent on request
  • Small group 8 or less.
  • An Informal environment
  • Tea coffee provided – bring own lunch.

Tel: 01732 846374 For administration or enquiries, please contact Pat Whitson on 077111 4020

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