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Kent College of HypnotherapyOur Vision

Dedicated to delivering quality Hypnotherapy Training in an informal environment

The Kent College of Hypnotherapy was established in 1999 and is continuing to evolve with Accredited and Personal Development Courses.  Our Mission is to empower and develop everyone to their full potential.  The training provides experiential learning with the intention of supporting you and everyone in the process to become competent and confident as a Professional Therapist in helping others so that you can continue our mission.

We can adapt the hypnotherapy training for therapists; counsellors; healers, and offer full training for those with no prior knowledge or experience.  Alternatively you may simply want to learn these skills for yourself and own development.

Our Trainers have stayed with us and continue to give us loyal encouragement and have created many of the new courses now available.

Our Training Philosophy

  •  To support people in the development and use of their skills.
  • To encourage people to improve their own quality of life by applying the concepts to their own situations.
  • To encourage students to engage in reflective practice to develop personal and professional continued learning.
  • To support students before, during and after their courses and in their further development and learning.
  • To endeavour to teach the most up to date information.
  • To act in an ethical and compassionate manner when teaching.
  • Place greater value on learning from experience than on the teachings of an authority.
  • To be professional and open in approach.
  • To have respect for participant’s dignity, privacy, autonomy, cultural differences and rights.
  • To abide by the Codes of Ethics & Standards of Practice as applied by the Institute for Learning
  • To incorporate Ethical principles and Codes of Professional Practice as set out by the Institute for Learning.

Interested? Free Taster Sessions for Hypnotherapy Training

Free Taster Sessions for Hypnotherapy Training

We arNew HA Logo - Final Versione readily contactable for discussions either by phone or if you wish to meet us.  We believe it is important to find out for yourself if the training is for you and that is why we often offer a free sit-in day or morning so that you can more easily make up your mind without any financial commitment.  This is an opportunity to speak to other students on the training.  Alternatively you may use the first two days of the Accredited Training as an introduction and pay for only those two days before making a decision about the whole course.

Gain Hypnotherapy Accreditation and Integrity

Our aim is to train you to a high standard which is evidence based on National Occupational Standards throughout the training. There is no formal examination.  This provides you with confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities to become a successful hypnotherapy practitioner.

About Us

The Kent College of Hypnotherapy & Integrated Therapies

26 Ewell Avenue
West Malling
ME19 6NN

Tel: 01732 846374
E-Mail: info@kentcollegeofhypnotherapy.co.uk

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