Stop Smoking … the easy way with Hypnotherapy

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Stop Smoking  … the easy way
with Hypnotherapy.  

How Long Will it Take?

Usually it is a one or two session treatment.  The first session is about 70 mins, the first part of it (around 20 mins) pinpointing and taking information so that your session is more personalised to you.  The actual hypnosis is normally around  30-40 mins when you will feel very relaxed and comfortable and probably hear most of what is being said.  It is a bit like drifting off to sleep but you do not go to sleep –  just in that nice relaxed state.  Very often a second session is not required, but everyone is different and it may be useful to reinforce the suggestions.  Sometimes NLP is used in the form of a positive anchor or aversion suggestions.  Please phone if you wish to have this explained further.  CDs are also available.

 What do I do next

Simply pick up the phone or email to arrange an appointment and ask any relevant questions. Sometimes people like to have a short chat first (free). You will be perfectly fine to drive after the hypnotherapy session although you may if you wish have someone come with you.  It is not like stage hypnosis and you can expect to feel very pleasantly relaxed and in this deep state of relaxation your subconscious mind is very receptive and is able to act upon new suggestions more readily.  Many people report feeling much less stressed and so much more relaxed

How much does it cost

95 minute session for stop smoking is £120

A 45 minute back up session is available at £50.

Stop smoking CD £9.50 (other CDs available)


For Slimming, stress, exams, phobias, confidence

Panic attacks,emotional problems etc. Per session £65

Virtual Gastric Band – special discount 3 sessions at £175


Appointments are available at: West Malling, Maidstone & Gravesend

(appts can be arranged in other areas of Kent)

Please ring Patricia on 07711140201 or email

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