Business Coaching & Development

Business Coaching & Management Development

Overview of Business Coaching& Development

Our management Development Courses have been created so that you and your staff may receive training in how to identify and meet particular needs of individuals.  It is geared to create a more positive understanding for health and wellbeing and improvements to reduce stress in the workplace.

The Business Coaching also provides strategies for delivering positive solutions in schools for teachers and children.

The Business Coaching can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Suggested areas of Training


Change and Benefits – one session

Motivation and the Creative Side of your Brain – one session


 Training in Wellbeing and Stress Issues – 4 sessions covering

  •  Stress to Success.
  •  Letting Go of Negative Habits
  • Insights to Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness & Cognitive Approaches


Confidence, Assertiveness, Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety.- 4 sessions

  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking, Building your Business
  • Resolving Patterns  for Confidence, Exams and Memory Training
  • Panic Attacks and Performance Anxiety
  • Assertiveness Training

 Communication skills ,relationships, negotiation skills and goal setting. – 4 sessions

  •  NLP & Life Coaching for Communication skills and motivation
  • Mindsets & Timelines for Successful Management
  • Effective Strategies                                                                                                                       
  • Facilitating Insights – Conflict & Patterns

Successful outcomes and strategies including guidelines and boundaries. 4 sessions

  • Mastery, Learning Cycle, Perceptual Positioning for Relationships
  • Strategies for Success
  •  Guidelines, Planning, Boundaries
  • Aligning Yourself with Your Purpose

 Life Coaching.  Social Skills Leadership training. Change Management. – 4 Sessions

  •  Change Management and Resilience
  • Life Coaching and Management
  • Working with Schools and Staff
  • NLP further skills as a tool box

Corporate Training Techniques for Fears and Anger issues – 1 Session

For full details and discussion regarding our Business Coaching and Management Development please contact us on 07711140201.






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