Business Coaching & Development

Business Coaching & Management Development

Overview of Business Coaching & Development

Our management Development Courses have been created so that you and your staff may receive training in how to identify and meet particular needs of individuals.  It is geared to create a more positive understanding for health and wellbeing and improvements to reduce stress in the workplace.

The Business Coaching also provides strategies for delivering positive solutions in schools for teachers and children.

The Business Coaching can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

New Training Dates commencing Wednesday 16th January.
(Please note first session can be attended as a taster before committing to the whole course)

Current Certificated Foundation Course Weekend dates, 15th December 2018, 6th & 13th January 26th Jan.2019.


This training is suitable for people in all walks of life who are interested in training in Hypnotherapy which includes Life Coaching, NLP strategies, and elements of CBT. It is followed by a l6 day Diploma Training which is accredited by The Hypnotherapy Association.



– The Power of the Unconscious Mind and Trance States.

The introduction day will cover: Brief history from Shaman to Freud and up to date including Mesmer, Esdaile and Braid. What are trance states and levels of consciousness. Demonstrations and practice will be included for inductions and deepeners using progressive relaxation, focus of attention strategies and eye fixation. Further trance states are outlined including counting down, link words and Erickson indirect approaches. Contra-indications are discussed. The Laws of suggestion and the use of suggestion.


– Making Changes

The focus is on making positive changes and understanding mind-body connections; use of Erickson language, early learning set and approaches; outline of consultation. Demonstrate self- induced relaxation; discuss open ended suggestions, deepening trance states with use of metaphors and questioning. Practice inducing trance state through indirect suggestion and reduce stress. Your voice. What is an abreaction and how to deal with it and understand the benefits. Understanding confidentiality and also the exceptions to this.

15th December Psychology of Selves – Stress to Success.

Introduction to Psychology of Selves: parts therapy to access issues and understand how to resolve conflict. How to facilitate parts therapy through dissociation and use of trance. In a practical session you will be able to experience and assist your client to access the specific parts and create understanding and insights


6th Jan  Accessing Information and Underlying Issues.

This session will address the emotional causes of negative habits. How to work with nervous clients using fractionation method. We will discuss use of right and left hemispheres of the brain and how you can use the creative side for positive benefits.

Included will be scripts for motivation and utilization of resources. The Ideo-motor Response and uses will be practiced and how to use it for interactions with clients. Use of questionnaires and planning strategies for personalising for your clients.



13th Jan – Letting Go of Negative Habits

The emphasis will be on eliminating negative habits through authoritarian and indirect suggestions using Stop Smoking as an example. Full questionnaires and scripts together with planning strategies and methods to identify gains and losses will be provided. Also included are relevant scripts; session will provide you with knowledge and practice to use a Stop Smoking Personalised Plan for your client; use authoritarian hypnosis suggestions to eliminate negative habits and install new and positive behaviours and adapt and write scripts for other habits such as nail biting, binge drinking etc.


28th Jan -Insights to Wellbeing

Covers Techniques & Metaphors, Dissociation techniques,  Looking at the impact of stress on our whole body with an overview of anatomy and physiology. How our thoughts affect our health and wellbeing.  Use of CBT approaches and NLP to retrain the brain.

Times: 10.30 to 3.30.weekends or 9.30 – 2.30 weekdays.

Cost: £540.00 for 6 days or £95.00 per day.

Venue: 26, Ewell Avenue, West Malling, ME19 6NN

Deposit to reserve your place £50.00

Payment by BACS : Account No: 02260779 Sort Code: 30 93 60

Whitson Mrs. P A T/A Clinical Hypnosis Institute

Payment by Cheque: Please make payable to Patricia A Whitson.

NEW Life Coaching Training – add-on to Existing Training.

New Subjects: on Fridays 9.30 – 2.30

Friday l6th November – Manifesting, Motivation & Change including resilience and clarifying your purpose. (New)

Friday 23rd November – Assertiveness Training & Negotiation including and dealing with criticism and role play (New)

Friday 7th December – Strategies for Success including Disney Process and Museum of Beliefs. (New)

Friday 14th December – Strategies for your Therapeutic Relationship including identifying resistance and well formed outcomes. Questionnaires (New).


Repeats for Training in Life Coaching you may have already done and may wish to do again.

Saturday 10th November  10.30 – 3.30  Life Coaching Mindsets and Timelines Virginia

Saturday 24th November 10.30 – 3.30 Diploma 13 Confidence. Self Esteem and Inner Child.


Suggested areas of Training

Change and Benefits – one session

Motivation and the Creative Side of your Brain – one session

 Training in Wellbeing and Stress Issues – 4 sessions covering

  •  Stress to Success.
  •  Letting Go of Negative Habits
  • Insights to Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness & Cognitive Approaches

 Confidence, Assertiveness, Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety.- 4 sessions

  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking, Building your Business
  • Resolving Patterns  for Confidence, Exams and Memory Training
  • Panic Attacks and Performance Anxiety
  • Assertiveness Training and dealing with criticism.

  Communication skills ,relationships, negotiation skills and goal setting. – 4 sessions

  •  NLP & Life Coaching for Communication skills and motivation
  • Mindsets & Timelines for Successful Management
  • Effective Strategies                                                                                                                       
  • Facilitating Insights – Conflict & Patterns

 Successful outcomes and strategies including guidelines and boundaries. 4 sessions

  • Mastery, Learning Cycle, Perceptual Positioning for Relationships
  • Strategies for Success
  •  Guidelines, Planning, Boundaries
  • Aligning Yourself with Your Purpose

 Life Coaching.  Social Skills Leadership training. Change Management. – 4 Sessions

  •  Change Management and Resilience
  • Life Coaching and Management
  • Working with Schools and Staff
  • NLP further skills as a tool box

Corporate Training Techniques for Fears and Anger issues – 1 Session

For full details and discussion regarding our Business Coaching and Management Development please contact us on 07711140201.

Life Coaching & NLP for Business Development & Management,

22 days   Sundays

4th, 18th Nov,
2nd 9th  l6th Dec
6th, 13th  27th Jan      2019
3rd, 10th, 24th Feb,
3rd, 17th  March,
7th, 14th April
5th     17th   26th   may
9th  16th    30th  June
7th  July


26, Ewell Avenue, West Malling Kent ME19 6NN.

 Contact  Patricia Whitson on 01732 846374





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