Certificated Hypnotherapy Training Course in Kent

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Certificated Hypnotherapy Training Course in Kent

with The Kent College of Hypnotherapy

6 Days  training covering   Hypnotherapy with inclusion of relevant training on NLP, Life Coaching and cognitive approaches . You may opt to take the first two sessions without commitment to continue.

Weekdays:  23rd, 28th, 30th November, 5th, 7th  (plus 1) December 2017 9.30 – 2.30

 Communication Skills and NLP. (can catch up with this day)

Finding what is your client’s motivation to change.  Using appropriate language and questioning.  NLP, communication skills –  rapport and listening skills.  Erickson early learning set and approaches; Understanding the meta module.  Clarifying differences between hypnosis, counselling and life coaching . Using pinpointing methods. Full back up notes are provided.

Mindsets and Timelines  inc Life Coaching and NLP  23rd Nov (Thurs)

When clients might not wish to use “typical” hypnosis or counselling, you will be shown many ways of changing negative mindsets.   The session is useful for working with businesses or groups as well as on a one to one basis.  NLP techniques are shown to change or reframe negative beliefs and thinking.  Goal setting is used using timelines.

Hypnosis for Positive Change  28th November (Tues)

What is Hypnosis and trance states, the power of the mind; together with simple inductions, deepeners, post-hypnotic suggestions and how to awaken your client,  any contra-indications of treatment.  You will be using self hypnosis and will practice hypnotic suggestions for confidence and relaxation.  We will discuss abreactions, how to deal with and understand the benefits.

Hypnosis for Anxiety, Stress  30th November  (Thurs)

The objective is to gain confidence in yourself in preparation of becoming a hypnotherapist   You will also be learning about letting go of negative thinking, stress reduction, insomnia issues.   We will discuss use of right and left hemispheres of the brain and how you can use the creative side for positive benefits.  Demonstration and practicing a fractionation induction which is especially useful for nervous or anxious clients.  Included in this is how our thoughts affect our emotions and behaviour (CBT).

Psychology of Selves  and Perceptual Positioning   Relationships and Old Patterns 5th Dec (Tues)

Facilitating the client to gain insights,   This is a practical sessions using perceptual positioning to access inner resources and gain new perspectives  of  patterns of behaviour in relationships.    It is especially useful in finding the root cause of issues in all kinds of relationships, old patterns and to release them. By the end of the session you will be able to facilitate parts therapy through dissociation in alert hypnosis.  In a practical session you will be able to experience and assist your client to access the specific parts and create understanding and insights.

Guidelines, Planning, Boundaries including  NLP and Life Coaching. 7th Dec. (Thurs)

Planning and guidelines for your client, and  clarification of your goals and direction.  There will be plenty of practice with real or typical cases with role plan and different situations.   You will be able to identify and evaluate your knowledge and skills on the subjects taught.   Questionnaires and strategies including scripts and case histories . Identify issues and negotiate agreed outcomes.   Guidelines in preparation of setting up a practice.

Cost of training for Foundation Training : £570.00 (can be paid in instalments) or £520 Early bird payment.

Trainers:  Patricia Whitson and Virginia Walter Bellue
Venue: 26, Ewell Avenue, West Malling Nr. Maidstone, Kent

ABOUT THE TRAINING                        

The Certificated Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy provides both the theory and practical hands-on experience to explore many useful and helpful aspects of hypnosis.   It is suitable for self- knowledge and self-development and also is a solid and broad base from which students may progress to the Diploma Course or NLP and CBT. training.   The certificated Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy will provide you with the necessary skills to use hypnosis to improve confidence, stress related issues, self-esteem, practice self hypnosis and well-being, and using a cognitive behavioural approach to hypnotherapy.

Back up scripts and comprehensive notes will be provided on all courses.The sixth day is a revision, assessment and supervision day and once successfully completed you can progress to the Diploma Training.   This Course is a requirement before progressing to the Diploma.

This Training is Certificated by the Kent College of Hypnotherapy and the full Diploma over l6 additional days is accredited by The Hypnotherapy Association,

Additional Booking Information:
  • The above course can be used for own development and is a requirement before commencing the diploma training.
  •  If you are an established therapist the training can be modified to suit.
  •  Small group 8 or less.
  •  Syllabus includes overview of CBT, NLP. as well as hypnotherapy training.
  •  Back up notes and scripts provided.    An Informal environment.  Tea/coffee provided

For administration or enquiries, please contact Pat Whitson on 07711140201 or patwhitson@uwclub.net

(Day 1 can be taken as introductory day with no obligation to continue with training)

  followed by  DIPLOMA TRAINING 

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