The Kent College of Hypnotherapy & Integrated Therapies

Established in 1999 and continuing to evolve with Accredited Training and Personal Development Courses in Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapies.

Accredited Training with The Kent College of Hypnotherapy

Our aim is to train you to a high standard to become an Accredited Hypnotherapist through evidence based training. The Hypnotherapy training is accredited with the Hypnotherapy Association and included in the course are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches and NLP training.  If you are already a therapist add-on training is also available.

Your hypnotherapy training is with small groups and in an informal environment based at The Kent College of Hypnotherapy, West Malling in Kent. We can adapt the training for therapists; counsellors; healers, and offer full training for those with no prior knowledge or experience. Alternatively you may simply want to learn these skills for yourself, for your own personal development.  We have a new hypnotherapy courses starting soon, and a discount is available by booking early – BOOK NOW!



Certificated Training

in Hypnotherapy

Certified Foundation Courses in Hypnotherapy

Foundation in Hypnotherapy over 6 days.

Foundation in Hypnotherapy designed so that it can be followed by a diploma either on Saturdays or Tuesdays   This can be taken as self-development training or as a foundation before going onto the Diploma.  You may sit in on one of the days as a taster.  The training covers the basics in the use of Hypnosis for  Stress, Confidence, making  positive changes including some Life Coaching, NLP and Erickson approaches .  The course is normally run with up to 8 students.

Accredited Diploma
Courses in Hypnotherapy

Accredited Diploma Courses in Hypnotherapy

Accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy, including CBT, NLP.

This course is ongoing either on Saturdays or Tuesdays.   You may sit in as an observer for a day.   The courses are run in a continuous revolving loop so that you can begin when is appropriate for you and can also catch up if you miss one of the sessions.  Both weekday and weekend dates are available. The weekday ones tend to operate within school hours and holidays and run from 9.30 to 2.30. The Saturday times are 10.30 – 3.30.  On going Supervision evenings are provided for past and current students at a cost of £20.  You can also repeat a session for a much reduced amount.  The training is with small groups of 8 or less with plenty of opportunity to practice and gain confidence in all techniques.


Continued Progressive
Development Courses (CPDs)

Continued Progressive Development Courses

Business Coaching & Management Development

Public speaking and dealing with criticism is a major cause of anxiety and stress.

Confidence, Assertiveness, Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety.- 4 sessions

  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking, Building your Business
  • Resolving Patterns  for Confidence, Exams and Memory Training
  • Panic Attacks and Performance Anxiety
  • Assertiveness Training and dealing with criticism.

Also Communication skills ,relationships, negotiation skills and goal setting. – 4 sessions

Full Course

2016 Training Course Dates and Venues

Life Coaching and Advanced Training.

Life Coaching and NLP  training and Management Skills

What is NLP and trance states, the power of positive thinking. Use of anchoring for presentations, public speaking and sports performance. Disney Process – Dreamer, Realist and Critic; mending memory lane. Strategies and ways of changing negative mindsets. Goal setting is used using timelines and strategies for Success. Assertiveness, negotiation and teambuilding.


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